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in Ohio, Florida and

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For a foreign national looking to invest, Ohio, Florida, and California present many valuable opportunities in terms of both commercial and residential real estate.

Whether you are shopping for a vacation home, are looking to operate a rental property, or you simply want to take advantage of today’s competitive real estate prices, Liberty Capital Services makes it easy to apply for a foreign national loan.

Why Choose Liberty Capital Services for Your Foreign National Lending Needs?

Here are some of the foreign national loan benefits we offer:

As specialists in foreign national loans, we have extensive experience processing applications from investors from abroad.

We can rapidly process your foreign national loan application so you can close fast on valuable real estate.

Through Liberty Capital Services, you can apply for a loan which has a competitive interest rate. You do not need to pay an exorbitant interest rate simply because you are not a citizen of the US.

We can connect you with a foreign national loan with a competitive down payment.

With our wide selection of foreign national loans, you can choose between a fixed or adjustable rate along with a suitable term for your needs. Whatever the type of residential or commercial property you are interested in, we can help you finance it affordably and conveniently.

Along with loans for purchase, we also offer financing for construction as well as vacant land for future projects.

What Do You Need to Apply for a Foreign
National Loan in OH?

Following are the documents you will need to have ready in order to apply successfully for a foreign national loan in Ohio or elsewhere in the US:

A copy of your Visa and passport

An escrow letter

A copy of the purchase contract

Proof of your home country residence

An income letter from your accountant

An income letter from your employer

Two credit card reference letters

Two bank statements

Two bank reference letters

Please note that a US credit record is not a requirement for a foreign national loan.

Apply Now for a Foreign National Loan

Don’t miss a prime opportunity to invest in valuable US real estate. If you are ready to apply for a competitive foreign national loan now in Ohio, Florida or California, please call us today at (614) 505-0620 to schedule your free consultation.

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